Le Club Hotel  


If you are looking for an ancient abode in the old town of Lecce, Le Club Boutique Hotel will amaze you. It is located in the most ancient part of the city, it has beautiful sights of charming grimpses and offers a pleasant and comfortable stay thanks to his fascinating interiors. A free wi-fi connection is available in the whole building.

Fall asleep contemplating the high ceilings, admiring the beautiful view outside your window: it is a pleasant journey into the ancient time.

Inside the hotel the atmosphere is inebriating. Entrust the Concierge that will lead you among the most charming areas of Lecce, very close to the Duomo, the Roman Anphitheater, the S. Croce Basil and the Celestini Palace, but also close to the shopping area. Le Club Restaurant will delight you with its exclusive menu and its wines selection.

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